Estate Planning & Administration

Experienced Estate Planning & Administration Lawyer

Estate administration, planning, probate, and guardianship matters are often complex, emotionally draining, and difficult for someone to manage on their own. Estate planning can be stressful and confusing by yourself. Probate litigation may arise from problems ensuring that your loved one’s wishes are carried out properly through their estate administration. Matters involving guardianship, which is a legal process designed to protect the needs of minors and vulnerable adults, can become highly complicated when a large estate is involved.

David B. Ferrell, uses over 37 years of experience to provide you with exceptional service and personal attention when handling your estate administration or estate planning matter. He can help you carry out a loved one’s wishes or create an estate plan with as little difficulty as possible. He assists clients in the areas of:

  • Estate administration, including advising heirs and executors of their duties in the management of estates and trusts, and estate tax matters
  • Estate planning, including creating wills, trusts, medical directives (also called living wills), and other documents designed to simplify the probate process
  • Will contests and trust disputes
  • Elder law matters, including guardianship and Medicaid planning

He also has extensive experience handling probate and estate matters for out-of-state clients. We understand and are adept at managing the extra difficulties that often accompany administering an estate long-distance. He would be glad to help you more effectively and easily deal with the administration of a local estate from your home state.

Whether you want to quickly and fairly administer an estate to properly carry out a loved one’s last requests, resolve a lawsuit concerning a family member’s will, create an estate plan to address your needs and protect your family, or effectively assign a guardian to protect a family member, he is here to help. He is committed to guiding you through the entire process and answering your questions and concerns every step of the way.

If you need knowledgeable advice for an estate administration, estate planning, probate, or guardianship matter, contact David B. Ferrell today for a free initial consultation with an experienced, understanding attorney providing straightforward solutions and personalized service. A flexible appointment schedule is available for your convenience.