Attorney Referrals

Attorney David B. Ferrell is available to assist out-of-county lawyers by providing local legal representation for your clients. Your clients remain your clients.

Our office can serve as legal counsel for estate representatives in a significant number of Ohio counties.

If your client is looking for qualified, experienced legal counsel to handle probate, family law or criminal matters in Central or Northeastern Ohio, we will be happy to assist in any manner we can. Suitable fee sharing arrangements may be made consistent with the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct. Contact the Law Offices of David B. Ferrell for more information about our attorney referral and joint counsel services.

No one lawyer can do everything for every client. Although our office handles matters involving probate, family law, and certain criminal and traffic matters, we do not handle many other specialized areas of law.

As a result, we are occasionally asked to make referrals to trusted attorneys for representation in other legal matters.

The Law Office of David B. Ferrell will be happy to assist you in making a direct referral or introduction to these attorneys.

Please contact us or call 330-452-7531.